Bomber Jackets





Photos by: Rachel Sawicki

The bomber jacket has been around for years, originally created for airplane pilots. With a few stylish tweaks and additions to the jacket, it has become an essential must have for your fall wardrobe.  What the bomber jacket has that is so amazing is versatility. Because of the variety of styles,‘the bomber’ can transform any look. This is a great feature for people who love to change up their style.

Personality: We often find that our clothes are an expression of our character. With this bomber jacket, we can have so much fun finding ourselves. For a casual sporty look, wear a baseball bomber for an easygoing day-to-day routine. Looking for a more chic approach? Check out the metallic style jacket and give your outerwear a modern makeover. If you’re looking to make a statement, then go with the vibrant and fun patterned fabrics.

Constantly evolving my style, I enjoy new pieces that give me different options. Sporty, edgy and classic vibes, this is a piece that offers endless possibilities to work with. Having so many different ways to wear the jacket, it’s an obvious choice of mine to work with for my fall wardrobe.

Quirky: Cropped length Moschino Bomber | Edgy: Army Green Saint Laurent Bomber | Longline Bomber: Forever 21


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