Fashion Week





Photos by: Daniel Kim of Walking Canucks

Fashion Week is approaching and that means extra large coffee’s, street style photo shoots and tons of blogging! What more could a blogger ask for? When it comes to fashion week, I am most excited to see the new styles and trends for the upcoming seasons, as is everyone else I’m sure. It’s also a great time to wear your fave pieces and use the outside photographers to snap fab street style shots between shows. This is how we as bloggers connect with one another. Not only do us bloggers connect with each other but we (or at least I) use the time to make a statement and hope I leave a good impression people will remember. Last year during Fashion Week I collaborated with Guess. This was one of my first major collaborations and I am happy I had the opportunity to write about the brand and share my street style looks I admired from their collection. Who should I collaborate with next?


How Are You?