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Festival season is right around the corner and I want you to make FUN a priority. It might seem early to start thinking about wardrobe necessities, but you will thank me later when you’re having the time of your life at your next festival. When I say we need to be ‘wardrobe ready’ I mean we need some comfy yet stylish pieces. With a little help from those who inspires us the most, we can learn how to successfully survive our next music festival while maintaining a comfy look. Or, you can totally wing it rookie style like myself, and make up your own rules.


For some people, it’s not all about the looks. They do actually enjoy the music. Can you believe that? So, we don’t want to be uncomfortable standing in soggy wet mud filled fields for a full day without some proper footwear. Had I known this before I attended my first music festival, I would have looked like a pro. But hey, thats why they call it ‘rookie style.’

The best trick I learned from everyone around me was that a solid pair of cute rain boots are needed. This doesn’t mean you have to wear them the whole time. Then again, they are great to have when you’re swimming through puddles of mud from your tent to the main stage. In between sets, you can change out of them to snap pics for your social media. You brought that beautiful pair of knee high strappy gladiator sandals for a reason, so don’t let the rain ruin a perfect photo opportunity. Try and get some pics wearing them in the cleanest spot possible! Get those money shots & then slip back into your comfy footwear of choice. If it’s not muddy or crappy weather then you are in luck. Throw on your fresh white kicks and own it.. but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Festivals tend to receive unpredictable weather conditions. And we want to make FUN the priority, remember? Check out Alexa Chung owning these Hunter rain boots.


Although footwear is a main priority we still have the rest of our body to dress.. DUH. Let’s get inspired by some famous festival fashion gurus. Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, the Jenner sisters, the Hadid sisters, Hailey Baldwin.. the list really could go on but I think you get the idea. Following these ladies as far as how to style your festival wear may give you some great inspiration. The best thing about finding inspiration is that you can always make it your own! This is what I love to do, finding my own version of these outfits and admiring the styling aspect of their looks.

Now onto hairstyles (which is why I mainly started this post). I made a short video on some messy hairstyle looks that are quick and easy. With unpredictable weather and dancing 24/7, you want some easy looks incase they end up falling out. This way people will think you spent an hour on your hair when really it was a total accident (they don’t need to know that). Below is my video and I hope you can get your own inspiration from it. Happy Raving 🙂



  1. March 7, 2016 / 9:28 am

    Love the choker combo in that first photo! 😀

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