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How does the world perceive Canadian fashion? Most people probably think Canadian style is simply toques and snow boots with some maple syrup to go? Okay, a little of that is true, but Canadian fashion is so much more than that! A good word for Canadian fashion is diversity, a compilation of cultural art influences. As some of you may know, Toronto is the largest city in Canada. There are so many foreign cultures that have brought a variety of traditions, language, art & music into Toronto. This had made Toronto one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities.


Canada has many fashion designers who showcase their collections at World Master Card Fashion Week, and Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Designers include: David Dixon, VAWK, Pink Tartan, Mackage, Bustle, Rudsak, Mikhael Kale, Hilary, Macmillan, the list goes on and on.


With such brutal winters, it helps to be creative when it comes to fashion. Creativity can stem from anywhere! It can start with a spur of the moment DIY videos or begin from exploring new indoor cafes to take pictures in, the possibilities are endless! I came up with a small film idea and randomly recorded some material last week. Once I uploaded it, I was really happy with how it turned out! This vlogger thing might become a regular routine for SSV.  Below are some Toronto fashion bloggers to follow for inspiration. Get creative, let’s see what you can come up with!

There are millions of bloggers in the entire world. If you want a taste of Toronto and Canadian fashion, these bloggers are a great place to start!


What national fashion accessory is your country known for? For us Canadians, I think it’s safe to say that toques (beanies) is our thing. They are warm (obviously) and come in an endless variety of styles. The great thing is, anyone can look good in one of these bad boys. I mean, we don’t really have a choice sometimes. It’s either wear a beanie or suffer in the freezing cold. With some help from my fave Torontonian bloggers, we can learn how to stay chic & survive the winter weather.

Justine Iaboni

I keep focussing on winter. But I can’t help it because in my case, it is winter. The seasons definitely calls for lots of new wardrobe ideas & inspiration. With freezing cold temperatures, it’s hard to always ‘look good.’ This is when layering becomes an essential fashion skill . Layering : wearing 3 sweaters all at once while managing to look chic & stylish. There are many things to change a layered look: crazy patterns, belts, tying a cardigan around your waist, etc. There are an endless amount of layering options, you just have to find what best suits your body type. Follow JetSetJustine for first class street style fashion. I love that she wore this beautiful hat during NYFW, (see picture #3).

Alexander Liang

Fresh kicks are so fab lately and I see so many people wearing them with their own style. In order to look stylish, we sometimes have to brave it during winter in flats, but fashion is worth it, right? The other day, I got a new pair of kicks and couldn’t resist wearing them right away. Alexander Liang is always rocking a fresh pair of kicks, even while there’s snow in the city. You may have to bundle up more on top with a scarf and jacket, but damn the look is so fresh! If you are a menswear fanatic or just looking for some new styles & advice, I advise you to check his blog out & you will be looking fly in no time.

Sam & Cailli Beckerman

If you’re all about being bold and colourful, then Sam & Cailli Beckerman are the right bloggers for you to check out. It’s never a dull moment with these talented fashionistas. Seriously, their outfits are always so much fun and detailed. From following their travels on snapchat, I have determined their style suits their bubbly personalities perfectly. Following their street style has taught me to always be myself & that its okay to go outside of your comfort zone. This is what life is all about, and they have shown the world how much fun fashion is & how it brings adventure into your life. They also have inspired me to find an amazing disney jumper and totally rock it!

Jay Strut

If you’re looking for a more exclusive behind the scenes access, then I have the perfect blogger for you. Jay Strut always fills us in with fashions hottest news & trends in the cities of Toronto & NYC. He is known for his high end designer must-haves such as Balmain, Hermes, Alexander Wang & more. His signature look; pairing skinny jeans with a statement jacket, keeping him sleek & edgy. Reading his blog, I have learned to just go for your dreams, travel lots & meet as many people as you can. He’s definitely inspired me to invest in a high end statement jacket, we all deserve one!

There you have it, a small compilation of some Toronto bloggers that I follow. The reason I focused so much on Toronto is because I’ve never been to Vancouver or Montreal to check out the fashion scenes there. When I do, you will know about it, and I can’t wait to see how the styles are different throughout Canada!



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