Another birthday, another year older. Life has taught me many different things so far. One thing I learned is to cherish what matters the most to me. Society tell us what we ‘should be doing’  at age 23. Things like graduating college, renting your own place, paying off your student debts & building a stable savings account for your future dream home. Is this all true? Is this what life is about? Thinking about where we ‘should’ be according to others? People like myself get caught up in this idea and forget to focus on the present. Most of you will laugh and say, “oh, you’re so young, you’ve got plenty of time to figure things out.” I learned seeking advice from friends & family can be a good and bad thing because we are all different and in the end we have to make choices for ourselves. If we don’t do what we want, we will be living our lives through someone else’s dreams. Selfish? You could say that. But at the end of the day, it is about me. My happiness, my health, my passion.


We all have different goals in life; some want to be successful, wealthy etc. Some forget to think about health, the aid of others in need or travelling. The world has so many places to explore with amazing people, cultures, history, that we should have some knowledge about. Anyways, what I am trying to say, is we are all so creative in different ways and deserve to live a beautiful life. Money & bills shouldn’t be so stressful. I read a quote that says, ” I was not born to just pay bills and die.” This proves my point exactly.


In what ways can we lessen the stress of money problems? We can start by cutting our bills down and keeping only what is necessary. Do you really need that 8.99 Netflix account, there are so many other adventurous activities you could be doing! Okay so $8.99 might not be the biggest cut in expenses, but it’s a start. Let’s look at your gym membership. After adding my bi weekly payments up per year, I am spending almost 600$! That is actually insane. This is a ticket to Europe, or a months worth of rent in Australia! I think I can definitely do my own home workouts so I can see and do other things that I love. If you live somewhere where winter takes up half your year, then find a cheaper gym! There are many workout videos that work wonders that you can find online. Eating out less is another big way to save and stay healthy! When I scrolled through my bank statement and saw where my money was being spent (mostly eating out), I nearly lost it. Other options for food? This place called the grocery store, where healthy meals can be purchased with larger portions available. Don’t always cave and go to McDonalds, a nice fresh meal sounds a whole lot better.


What really inspired me to write this post was a commercial that was shown to me about traditional life vs. modern day societies view of life. Tradition meaning; we will go to school, get married, buy a house, have kids, work, retire & live happily ever after. And modern day meaning; we might learn a new language, travel the globe, volunteer, adopt a child, etc. Traditions can change too.


Take risks, don’t care about what other people think, be yourself & inspire others. Surround yourself with real friends, stay close to family, and try not to stress about the little things in life (huge advise from myself, to myself). Get yourself into situations and turn them into amazing experiences.




  1. Mike
    March 28, 2016 / 9:02 pm

    Happy birthday !

    • streetstylevibe
      March 28, 2016 / 9:04 pm

      Thank you!

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