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Do you ever walk into Sephora and fall in love with the endless varieties of beauty supplies, yet feel completely overwhelmed and stressed out at the same time? No? Maybe that’s just me! We all have different skin tones and it is always good to match makeup with your skin tone. I am writing a guide to help you pick the best nude lipstick that matches your skin colour. Hopefully saving you some time trying to decide between brands and shades. With all of the beauty products out there, there are many creative ways to have fun with your own skin tone. However, I believe that everyone’s skin tone is the best natural trait and we should own it! With that being said, there are still ways to enhance one of your other amazing features, your lips.

Although I am no makeup expert, with a little research of my own I have found some flawless nude lip matches for certain skin tones that you should give a try. One great way is to test some different colours out on yourself. Take pictures in them so you can zoom in and really absorb what you like the most. Below are some examples of actors with different skin tones you can use as a guide to find the perfect nude lip.

Starting with fair skin such as, Scarlett Johannson, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Emma Stone. I read that using a soft, dusty baby pink colour like the Bobbi Brown in beige will help separate the lip colour from your skin tone.

Light skin: celebrities such as Amanda Seyfried, Gwen Stefani & Elle Fanning would look great in a warmer nude shade. The recommended go to lippie for light skin has peach & pink shades in it. You don’t want the lip to be completely colourless, but try avoiding oranges or browns. May I suggest the blush nude by Tom Ford?

Warm skin: A caramel-toned beige lipstick that will be a little bit darker than your skin. I read that a glossier lip is recommended. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t ever wear gloss or wouldn’t even consider it, the beige lipstick will work fine on its own. Celebs like Maria Menounos could try the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Satisfaction.

Olive skin + cool undertones: Darker nude or lighter nudes are what you should be looking for. Versatility is key with nude lipsticks when having olive skin with cool undertones. Lea Michele rocks a Dior Addict Lipstick. Other options: sprinkle of magic colour by Mac has some pink undertone in it to add a bit of boldness & Sephora’s Honeymoon lipstick colour is another beauty.

Light hair, tan skin: whether its real or a fake tan, a glossy, shimmery nude will bring out the sun kissed look of your skin. Might I suggest the Urban Decay – Naked Ultra nourishing lipgloss to start with? Watch this video and find your perfect nude with Urban Decay.

Medium skin: With a slight pinkness to a nude colour, it will separate your lip colour from skin tone. Nude Vanille by Tom Ford or this Nars satin lip pencil in Floralies.

Mocha skin: A rosy-pink mauve with gold flecks compliments this skin tone well. Rihanna wore a glossy nude by Nars. Choose from a variety of options here.

Skin Tone Dark: Playing with highlights to build definition. Nude shades lighter than skin tone can brighten face or for a completely natural look you can stick to a lovely gloss formula. Check out Lupita Nyon’o’’s beautiful nude lips. I feel like the Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick In Cocoa Couture would flatter this skin tone as well.


On a casual day these two nudes are my go to. The Bobbi Brown lip pencil in rose brown makes for a great liner. Finish the look off with this Nars lipstick in a pink-nude colour.

You may ask who am I to suggest the best nude lip to match your skin tone? Well, I am just another blogger trying to learn a little something about beauty and share it will you all. So let’s have fun with it and lets see what works best for your skin tone! One last thing I recommend when it comes to lip colour is blending two different shades together to get the perfect shade for your lips. If none of these work then I apologize in advance, like I said, just trying to learn a thing or two and share some beauty tips! Please let me know in the comment section if I have forgotten something, or if you suggest otherwise.

Here is a video I found that teaches you the best way to figure out what your skin tone is. PRESS PLAY





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