Tying it Up

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Bandanas. One of the latest style trends I have seen on plenty of bloggers like: Julie Sarinana of SincerelyJules, Aimee Song of SongofStyle, Nicole Alyse of American Gypsy Vintage to name a few. The best thing about these bandanas are being able to style them in any way you want. You can tie them in many different ways AND there are also plenty of colours & designs to choose from. The options are endless! My perfect bandana style? A star printed bandana, I mean, I love stars. I love them so much I have a star tattooed behind my ear, betcha didn’t know that!

Another amazing feature bandanas have is the ability to block the cold weather from your neck. A stylish and useful item? Now thats worth the purchase! If you’re on a low budget, then I have a treat for you. Go to the dollar store and buy 10! Yes, these babies can be found at the dollar store and can be styled by yourself free of charge. The fabric may not be soft or silky, but it gets the job done. If you are fine spending more money, then head over to Urban Outfitters, Urban Planet, Topshop, Forever21 etc.

Not only can you tie bandanas around your neck as a choker, but they look also look great tied around a purse. Wrap a bandana around the handle of your bag, and knot both ends & voila, looking chic!

As festival season approaches, I feel like we will see some creative bandana uses to inspire us! Keep your eyes open and let me know what you see.



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