Brazened Honey

Brazened Honey is a fresh face mask that soften’s your face, smells great, it’s non-greasy, it soothes & moisturizes your skin. This product from Lush is such a great exfoliating mask leaving the face clean and tight after use. When I used it, it really reached down into my pores to pull the dirt and impurities, leaving my face fresh and bright!

How To Use

Step 1 : Cleanse face with warm water & pat dry it.

13010784_10156805062630501_2768248569621449851_n Step 2 : Apply a good amount of fresh face mask over entire face. (Avoid eyes & mouth).


Step 3 : Leave mask on for ten minutes. Don’t let the mask dry completely.

Step 4 : Wash off with warm water. Dry face with a soft hand towel & moisturize (if needed).


My face has never felt so clean and fresh! Blackheads have always been a problem for me & this mask really did help get at them. I will do this three times a week for 2 weeks before I head down South for my vacation. Thank you Lush, for clearing my face right in time for my vaca!



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