Beach Vacation Essentials

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Packing for vacations shouldn’t be stressful. With a few tips & tricks we can focus on packing ahead of time so you can be stress free & start getting excited for your trip. Follow my guide below for some useful & versatile items to take with you.

 What To Bring:

1.If you’re adventurous like myself, then a small backpack will be essential. With versatile use from the airport to shopping & hikes, a light backpack will hold all the necessities safely with you.

2.Comfy headphones: Tune out the world with your fave pair of headphones. Great use for long airplane rides or bus rides to the resort. Another versatile piece to bring on your next trip!

3.Sunglasses: MUST HAVE. Grab a perfect pair of sunnies that will go with every piece in your wardrobe. Wear them, everywhere.

4.Pool Slides: Keep chic & comfortable in a classic pair of these sandals by the pool or walking around the hotel.

5.All Day Dress/Shirt: Wear this piece at breakfast with your bathing suit under it. Driving into town? No problem, keep the dress/shirt on. Going to dinner with no time to change? Throw a red lip on and own that dress or close all buttons on that shirt for a more formal look.

6.Hats: Another essential to have especially at the beach to help protect those crazy hot rays from hitting your head. I find that with the different plugs they are always over heating my straighteners & curling irons. If you’re having a bad hair day, hats will cover anything! That’s why I love them.

7.Insta Cam: Mostly because I finally got one for my birthday & they make for amazing memories… DUH!

8.Bathing suit: More of these since you will be living in them, you wan’t to stay hygienic as well.

9.Dress/Kimono/Jumpsuit : As easy as slipping it on and off from the pool bar to the beach. Use the kimono as a wrap to cover you from the sun as you walk from the food bar back to the beach. Jumpsuits & dresses work well too.

10.Classic Kicks: For walking around town or going on a hike. Don’t wear your freshest pair because you never know what you could be stepping on!

11.Beach Bag: To hold all the necessities; sunscreen, phone, towel, camera, snacks, etc. Keep all your belongings together and in good condition!

12.Night Sweater: Whether you’re hanging out by the pool or in the hotel lobby at night, a sweater will be your go-to.

13.Denim Shorts: Wear them to the pool, wear them to the beach, wear them to the nightclub. Denim shorts will follow you everywhere.


Pictures of Vlogger Alex Centomo (via Tumblr).

You just read a general list of items you might want to consider taking with you. Beach vacations should be easy going which means a nice and light suitcase for you to pack. With summer items being thinner and lightweight, it leaves more space for other items you may want to add into your suitcase; hair products, sunscreen, cameras, or more shoes!!

Now, it’s time to go through your wardrobe & write down what you don’t already have. Figure out what you need to pick up from the shops or what you can borrow from friends/family! Do this a week before travels so it’s done and out of the way! One last tip to keep in mind while packing for a beach vacation is, you will be on the beach ALOT. So if you want to bring a travel on only, just bring bathing suits and cover ups. Tanks, Tee’s and Dresses to throw on and off from beach to lobby, eating, bar, etc. But, if you are like me and like the extra lipsticks & hairsprays, then pack from my list above accordingly. There it is, my packing for a beach vacation travel guide.

Safe Travels, xx




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