Vacation Essentials : Men’s Style

Let’s get organized in a quick and efficient way! When packing for a beach vacation, we want to think about style and comfort.  If you’re destination is of a hot climate, then light and breathable clothing will be extremely beneficial. Begin packing with a light sweater for the airport and use it for late nights by the pool bar or at the beach. Trust me, you’ll thank me when you have it for those breezy evenings.

A polo tee is a great versatile piece to bring along with you. Wear it to the beach with your swim wear, or dress it up with a pair of pants to dinner. Pick a navy, white, or black colour to ensure that it will match as many pairs of pants/shorts possible. Remember, we want to pack lightly.

Button up shirt/V neck: Dress down during the day or dress up at night by pairing it with shorts/pants. Whether you’re lounging by the pool bar or going to the night club, it will be the perfect match.

Swimwear; another key essential so make sure you bring a couple different pairs to change it up. You will probably live in these, so a nice clean pair every other day would be nice. If you have access to a washing area then feel free to bring less & wash them.

Shorts: because you will live in them for the week, whether it be wearing them during the day on excursions, or at dancing at the nightclub. Find a casual and comfortable pair to bring. Again with a neutral colour like beige, black, or navy to match more items.

Loafers & Sandals: Because you will be doing a lot of loafing around the pool, these will get you from your hotel room to the beach. Easy slide on and off will be comfortable and help you walk on the beach if the sand gets too hot.

Sunglasses & Hat: Neutral colours to match everything and wear them, all the time! Trust me, these are two items you don’t want to forget.

Remember, these are only suggestions that you might want to consider when you are packing. You don’t have to bring these specific items, it’s just a guide to help you pack the essentials. So get packing and enjoy your vacation!

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Safe Travels, xx



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