Like The Cool Kids


The word palm tree is pretty much equal to the word paradise. Whenever I see palm trees, I get a whole bunch of different feelings: excitement, adventure and relaxation all at the same time. The great thing about Cuba is palm trees are EVERYWHERE. Even by the end of my trip, I still could not help but stare up at these babies in awh. I already miss the tall palm trees, but at least I have my photos to dream with.

My obsession with the old cars in Cuba is quite obvious, it amazed my every time a different colour went by. It is crazy to think these old cars are the norm in Cuba, I wish that were the case in Canada. There are so many bright colours; pink, red, yellow, blue and many others I am probably forgetting! The cars have such elegance and class to them, it made me feel like I was in a 1950’s time warp! Of course they were perfect for photos so I had to take advantage! I would have to say baby pink was my favourite (as you can see). The cars in Cuba were only one of my focal points for photos, I have so many more coming so you will have to check out my social media accounts to see them! I will be posting throughout the week so keep your eyes open for some beautiful ocean scenery, downtown shots as well as (of course) the outfits I chose throughout my stay. Stay tuned and check back to SSV!


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