Mercure Playa de Oro / Cuba


Okay guys, I wanted to give you an idea of how beautiful the resort was that I stayed at in Cuba. I have been on all inclusive vacations before, but this was definitely the nicest resort I have stayed at! There were palm trees, EVERYWHERE, I mean literally everywhere! And you all know how strong my undying love for palm trees is. Everything about this resort made me feel like I was in paradise. Check out the photos below to see how nice the resort was!

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Flowers and palm trees surrounded the front entrance of the hotel, it was stunning! The white benches blended perfectly with all the colours of the surrounding nature.

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Like I mentioned, the grounds were full of all different sizes of palm trees. Along with the pretty palm trees, the resort had an amazing pool (which I spent a lot of time at). It was so blue and warm and the cute little tiki huts made for great photos!


Take a look at the view from my room! From the balcony, you could see dozens of tall palm trees accompanied by other buildings on the resort.

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Now, I have to share a top secret area of the resort that many people don’t know about: the roof. I spent many sunsets up on the roof admiring the view of the palm trees and the bright blue ocean. I of course would take a few minutes to soak in the view and marvel at how lucky I was to experience such a beautiful sight.

Contributed by: Rachel Sawicki, founder of @princessglobetrotters.


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