Benson Beaucoup





Benson Beaucoup recently travelled to Varadero, Cuba. Aidan Payne, founder & designer of Benson Beaucoup wanted to create a tropical vibe; inspired by the atmosphere of the breathtaking plants, beaches & palm trees on the resort.

His neutral colour designs contrasted well with the pink buildings & beaches, while the pink rookie + tee paired up well with the dark green plants. Creativity took us from one place to another and we ended up with some amazing footage with the edgy street wear & tropical scenery.

Benson Beaucoup is sold at The New Black in downtown St.Catharines, ON. The collection currently involves many stylish pieces. Hoodies; a perfect go to for the spring-summer weather transition, and a great way to stay cozy yet stylish at those late night bonfires. Rookie + tee’s & long sleeves are available in a variety of colours. There is also a backpack which is great for travels or for your every day bag. One of my favourite designs from the collection are the BB hats, which will definitely be my next purchase! Get your BB street wear exclusively at The New Black, or DM @BensonBeaucoup on Instagram.

Now we are all back to reality, reminiscing about the beautiful weather from our vacation. We come back home to work, harder than ever before. Envy your friends, get inspired and do amazing things. There is so much to see & learn in the world, use your time wisely!



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