Soho: Food & Shopping

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As you may already know, @modernglobetrotters took a recent road trip to the city where dreams are made: NYC! We took plenty of photos and couldn’t help but want to share them with our readers! Above you will see pictures taken from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, to everything in between! We are not kidding, we literally walked THAT far. In the beautiful summer weather it’s hard not to!

A look into Soho:

First, let’s talk about NYC fashion. At the moment, we are loving anything vintage from bomber jackets to a good vintage belt. We definitely recommend stopping by What Goes Around Comes Around on W Broadway if you’re looking for high end bags, scarves, neck ties & more. This is a vintage shop may seem a little pricy, but it is totally worth it! Every now and then, buying one high end item may be a good idea since it will probably last a lot longer! A purse for example is a great item to invest in because you will get the most use out of it!

Looking for some more reasonably priced vintage shops? Check out The Vintage Twin on Broadway. This is another popular vintage store in NYC that is worth shopping at. If you go on their Instagram page, you can see some of the celebs who shop there like Bella Hadid and blogger babe Gizele Oliveira from Brazil. They also do hand printing to customize jackets or denim pieces and we think this is such a unique and memorable thing to do.

Onto the most important aspect of the day; FOOD. There are literally hundreds of beautiful restaurants in NYC. Let us narrow it down to 3 places you should try in Soho, Manhattan. Starting off with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. We highly recommend going to Jack’s Wife Freda located on Carmine St between Bleeker and Bedford St. Look at the website and you will fall in love. It’s definitely a popular place for Sunday brunch, so if you do want to try it out, go on a weekday to avoid a long wait. After a delicious meal of your choice, you should be energized and ready for a full day in Manhattan. Whether you’re shopping or visiting the tourist areas, you can enjoy Manhattan on a full stomach. Ready for a late lunch after all of that walking? Check out Chalk Point Kitchen, they offer such a wide variety of food items, something for everyone! They have gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. It is amazing to find such a unique restaurant that accommodates everyones eating arrangements. For the original meat lover, if you’re looking for a simple burger and fries menu, check out the Shake Shack that has many locations all over Manhattan OR head to Black Tap in Soho for a classic cheeseburger. Also, if you’re a chocolate lover then this milkshake will be right up your alley!

Now that we have covered where to eat and shop in Soho, we thought we could tell you a place or two to have a few drinks with a good meal to finish your day. Are there any sushi lovers out there? If so, Nobu located on Hudson St is a cute spot to have some California rolls & a fancy drink. If you are not yet on the sushi train, check out these 13 places to eat in Soho if you’re looking for something else because we know everyone loves a good variety!

We hope you have enjoyed our one day guide of Soho in NYC. What are your fave shops and places to eat there? Please let us know in the comment section!






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