Veld 2016

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Ferris wheels, water slides & uplifting music, Modern Globetrotters have hit up yet another music festival this summer. Sad to say this is possibly our last one we will be going to for the summer. Don’t worry, no need to get all emotional on us because we have a huge surprise for you guys coming up in September. As for Veld.. BEST time of our lives. We can’t express the feelings we get while at music festivals. We always say it every time, but it just never gets old. The music, the people, the atmosphere. Everything about Veld was magical and we are currently dealing with post rave ‘depression’. Yes, that’s a thing okay?

This was our first time experiencing Veld and everything went as planned! Veld surprised us this year with a fun wrecking ball jump and bounce, and an enormous water slide to cool off on after dancing and raving. We travelled up to Toronto with our festival squad and are so happy to share all the feels with them. Mostly because now we can all get together and re live the Veld moments from last weekend.

It was almost like we were in a movie. Our squad had to separate into two Ubers because we couldn’t all fit! The first day we were all running late and thought we were going to miss Galantis.  We went early just to see them! Pulling up in the Uber we could hear and feel the vibrations from the main stage. A little anxiety came through thinking we were going to miss their set. Finally, after a short jog from the Uber we made it to the font gate and finally entered Downsview Park .

We end up checking out the main stage where Galantis was playing and received the ‘we’re here’ texts from the rest of the squad. We met at the top of the hill with the rest of the troops and we all got to hear one of our favourites ‘Peanut Butter Jelly.’ We literally were skipping, jumping, singing, smiling & running to the beat of the song. What a great entrance to Veld.

Day 1 started off right with Galantis and ended perfectly with Deadmau5. All in all, we’re definitely an easygoing crowd. By that we mean, we will have a blast no matter what!Day 2 came out of no where and we found ourselves at the nearby mall to pick up some more accessories for the festival. One of us received news about a weather delay and we though of course this happens to us. The weather is going to be awful, and day 2 is going to be cancelled. Fear not my angels, it did not rain. There was no mud, blue (ish) skies, and plenty of great music for Day 2. We lucked out BIG TIME with the weather! We found ourselves at the main stage all day and night. We were there for three sets in a row including; The Chainsmokers, Kygo & Martin Garrix. All three amazing sets, but we think it’s safe to say that Martin Garrix slayed day 2. Thank you weather, amazing music producers, the people we met, the festival squad, and Veld for an amazing Veld 2016 festival experience!

Check out our video and re live the moments with us below!

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