Hotel Glymur

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After a long and beautiful drive through the countryside of Iceland, we came closer to a few small buildings on the green misty hillside. We were slightly jet lagged from our long journey so we hoped this was our final destination. We excitedly noticed the red flags labelled Glymur, waving in the distance to welcome us. The main road turned into a narrow gravel driveway up the hill to the hotel parking lot. As the dim morning sun shined in the distance, we stepped out of our rental car to take in the view. The red hotel overlooked a grassy hillside with a lovely white church at the edge of the waterline. The mountain towered over the water below, it was simply breath-taking

Our early arrival gave us the chance to see how beautiful mornings are at the Hotel Glymur. Since it was very early in the morning, we weren’t expecting to be able to check away. A tall Icelandic man with glasses was sitting at the reception desk. With a welcoming voice he was more than happy to see that we had arrived. Even though we arrived extremely early, he invited us to relax and enjoy some breakfast. We were very happy about this room full of delicious breakfast foods because we were starved! A couple cups of coffee and a plate or two later, the man told us our room was ready. We were shocked! He handed us the keys and off we went to our room.

As the door inched open, we got our first look at the room and were in complete awh. The room was very spacious with a king size bed and a beautiful bathroom. There was a lounge room leading to the outside which was our favourite spot. We opened the curtains and pushed the glass door open and there it was, the most beautiful view we had ever seen. What a relaxing and refreshing place to enjoy the landscape after a long flight. After checking out the room we definitely took a three hour power nap in the comfy king size bed.

After waking up, it was time to explore the hotel grounds. The balcony was the easiest place to start! This lead to a pathway over a small bridge that turned into a balcony with two hot tubs! We immediately turned around back to the room to throw on our bathing suits and hotel Glymur robes so we could enjoy the hot tubs. Let me tell you, taking a hot tub is one thing, but being in a hot tub, outside, in Iceland overlooking an insane view is unbelievable. This is what we needed for the start of our Euro trip! If you get the chance to visit Iceland, rent a car and stay at this hotel. Its experience you need to encounter!



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