Loft Hostel

   During the second half of our trip to Iceland we stayed in downtown Reykjavik at the Loft Hostel. If you’re looking to meet some amazing people from all over the world, and have some drinks at night while the entertainment goes on, this is the place for you! It was early in the morning upon our arrival and like always, we ate breakfast. Their buffet was delicious and had a large variety. After eating breakfast, we were determined to find an adventure to help pass time while we waited to check into our room. Conveniently enough, there was a long board hanging on the lobby wall. Surely enough, we asked to borrow it and with a warm welcome we were off to the streets. A few hours and hundreds of pictures later, our room was ready to be checked into. It was a 6 dorm female bedroom with a bathroom. This was the first dorm room we ever stayed in. I think it’s safe to say it was the best experience we have encountered on our travels! We met two Australian babes who were travelling Europe just like us. Everyone staying in a hostel seems to be living the same dream we are; travelling and meeting amazing people! It was great to share stories and receive tips and advice about travelling for long periods of time. 

   The hostel had a great lounge area on the main lobby floor. It included a massive area with couches and tables to accommodate everyone. We found ourselves hanging out there most of the time. Happy hour was from 4-7pm every day and that’s when the place got rowdy! It was awesome, people filled up the entire room from all over the world. What an amazing atmosphere to be apart of. 

   The balcony was another beautiful feature to the lobby. Not only could you sit outside to enjoy your drinks/meal but the view was spectacular! 

   The luggage storage was held in a safe room located right outside the lobby. We felt very comfortable leaving our belongings in the storage unit while our room was being made up. We always recommend locking your suitcase while travelling Europe no matter where you are just to be extra safe. 

   The staff was very friendly and helpful. The young lady working gave us loads of places to check out and showed us where everything was on the maps provided at front reception.

   The Loft hostel over extended our expectations and we would definitely choose this hostel if we ever get the chance to return to Iceland! 


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