The Gibson Hotel

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The Gibson Hotel is located in Point Village, Dublin Ireland. The moment we stepped into the building we felt like we were at home. The reception staff were very friendly and welcoming. They had us checked in and ready to go right away. So up the lift we went and there our room was on the 5th floor. We opened the door to have found these delicious welcome plates on our bed with a cute card. The treats looked too delicious to stare at so we ate them up pretty quickly.
The room itself was gorgeous. With two beds and a stunning bathroom, this place was amazing. Another great thing about the hotel is they are very eco friendly. With everything from re using your own towel, to using your room key as a power switch to the entire room. This was something we haven’t experienced before so these small things made us more aware on how we can help the environment while travelling.
After we freshened ourselves up, an adventure was waiting for us. Exploring hotels is great, you never know what rooms you’re going to find.
We read about a workout room located on the 6th floor. While travelling, it’s nice to try to keep up with fitness whether it’s walking around all day, or working out at an accessible gym. So there we were, working out in the beautiful gym at the Gibson Hotel.
Without looking at the clock for a couple of hours it was already dinner time. We headed down to the restaurant on the main floor and were seated right away. Check out what we ate below.
The food was delicious, and the servers were extremely kind to us both in the morning during breakfast and in the evening for dinner.
If your looking for a nice hotel a little bit away from the noise of the bustling city, the Gibson hotel is perfect for you! It was nice for us to get away for a few nights to relax and enjoy some amazing food!

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