Jacobs Inn

Travelling from hostel to hostel you learn a thing or two. Our first couple of hostel experiences have taught us to lighten up on the luggage. It would be so much less of a hassle with smaller suitcases! We will definitely keep that in mind next time when we’re travelling. We met these girls who had all these little separate compartments and man did they fit a lot of stuff in there! You’d be surprised at how much you can ham into a suitcase, I know we were! Lucky for us, the Jacobs Inn hostel we stayed at in Dublin had amazing storage rooms and even a luggage compartment under the bed. It was nice to not have to worry about our belongings while adventuring around Dublin during the day.

If your browsing around for a friendly hostel to stay at in Dublin, the Jacobbs inn is the place for you! The hostel had a huge lounge and game area. Perfect for meeting single and other travellers. Another way to meet some great people is to join the nightly pub crawl they have at 8pm! You get to experience the Dublin pub life and meet some new friends. There’s also dozens of daily tours you can take all over Ireland and the hostel books it all for you!

For us, we were trying to save a bit of money by grocery shopping. The kitchen all the hostel has everything we needed: ovens, stoves, pans, plates, you name it! It was a great way to skip a McDonald’s run and eat a bit healthier.
For the rooms, westayed in a 10 bedroom female dorm. Thoughts? Very great way to meet people and privacy wise it was better than when we imagined. Every bunk bed had its own curtain, power outlet and Usb charging station. What more could you really ask for?

They have an amazing key system for rooms to access which made us feel completely safe. Not many places do this in Europe, so if you want to feel a huge sense of safety, this is the place for you!

The hostel is also in a great location, with close access to shopping, food & tourist area’s. We walked everywhere while in the city since the Jacobs Inn was so conveniently located.

Our stay at the Jacobs inn was so enjoyable we wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again while visiting Dublin! If any of you guys have any questions about hostels or the Jacobs inn in general ask away!

We are off to London, check out our next posts to read about our English adventures!


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