Le Village


Le Village : Paris

During our time in Paris we had the opportunity to stay at Le Village Hostel in a really nice area of Paris called Montmartre. The minute we arrived at the hostel, we felt so welcomed by the lovely staff working that afternoon. Check-in was at 4pm and we arrived a bit early, they were able to get us in when we arrived which was great! In hostels its not always guaranteed to get in early, but this time, luck was on our side. One thing we didn’t expect was the free drink voucher we would receive for the pub beside the hostel. Every guest at Le Village gets a free welcome beer and shot! What a great first start to our stay at Le Village.


In the main lobby/ kitchen area there are plenty of useful maps and directions to help you get to wherever you desire. If you can’t read maps and are completely lost in new cities like I (Steph) was, then you are welcome to ask the receptionists as they are more than happy to help. They were so enthusiastic about Paris and how to get around. It got us so excited to go venture out into the city.


We stayed in a private room at this hostel and our lovely room was located on the second floor. The room was very spacious for a Paris hostel and we also had a beautiful view! This probably isn’t new to you but for us, the windows were so cute! Just the fact you could open them up and see the beautiful streets below was amazing. It was just like in the movies! We don’t have that in Canada ok? We have screens to worry about to keep the mosquitos out! The bathroom looked brand new and was very spacious as well! This private room size was perfect for two people.

The outside patio had great access to the wifi and a beautiful spot to relax/hang after a long day of tours! There were groups of people getting to know each other under the Paris skylight. Everyone was drinking, laughing and just enjoying themselves.


A plus of the hostel is the bar right next door, you can just walk right over without having to worry about finding a cab or walking far at night. We met some locals which was great because they told us some tips of what to visit and what not to visit in Paris. They gave us some safety tips as well which was great because its always better to be safe than sorry anywhere you are travelling!


Location is everything when trying to plan where to stay while on the road. This hostel was perfect as it was easy to access all the main tourist spots of Paris by metro. The metro was a three minute walk and you could get to almost anything in Paris in about 15 minutes! It was so convenient!


In Paris, everything is so beautiful, its hard to go wrong with choosing a place to stay. We are so happy we chose Le Village hostel for our visit! It was perfect for us and we really enjoyed it. Check it out if you are ever looking for somewhere to stay in the stunning city of Paris.


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