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Elding Whale Watching

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In the beautiful city of Reykjavik, whale watching is something every tourist should do. Not many people can say they went Whale watching in Iceland! We were fortunate enough to attend a whale watching tour and we are so happy we did. The tour we chose was Elding Adventures at Sea. Because of the limited amount of time we had in Iceland we decided to do the classic whale watching tour.  We were very happy with the company and the tour, everything was organized and it all ran so smoothly!

If you are motion sickness like us, we recommend you to take one of the pills they offer you before the tour. Because it was a little windy on the day of our tour the waves were quite choppy, so the pills helped quite a bit. On the boat it can also get chilly because of the wind and the fact you are out so far at sea. We wore lots of layers to make sure we would be warm enough. Elding provides you with coveralls to help keep warm and we would definitely recommend you to use these!


(Image from Elding’s Website)

The whale watching tour gives you a chance to see many different species of whales and dolphins. The main species you can see are: Minke whales, White-beaked Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises and possibly you could even see a Humpback whale or an Orca. We personally love marine wildlife so this was something we were really excited to do in the beautiful country of Iceland.


Summer is the best time to see any action when on the whale watching tour, but if you happen to be in Iceland on off season you still have a  great shot! If you don’t want to take a chance on whale watching, Elding has so many different tours to choose from: northern lights, puffin watching, sea angling (fishing) and many others! Take a look around on their website and choose the best tour for you, there really is something for everyone. Let us know which tour you would want to try! Check out the Elding Adventure at Sea video they’ve posted below.


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