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As travellers we always want to make sure we see as much of a city as we can. Sometimes we don’t have always a lot of time in each place, so it can be difficult to fit it all in. One of our new favourite things to do while travelling is doing a hop-on hop-off bus tour! This way you can see most of one city in a days time. In Paris, France we did the Open Hop on Hop off bus tour by Grayline. It is truly one of the best bus tours we’ve ever been on. In Paris, there were two bus lines you could take depending on what you wanted to see. With both lines you get to see all the amazing landmarks and beautiful city streets Paris has to offer.

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In a few hours time you can see all the essentials like the Eiffel Tower, Arch De Triumph, Notre Dame, etc! Being able to get on and off the bus at wherever and whenever is great! This way you get to see what you want and skip the places you don’t want to see. This tour allows you to make your own day and own adventures! The bus also runs pretty often, every 5 minutes or so which is great if your pressed for time! We had a full day reserved for the tour, but we honestly saw most of Paris in a few hours or so! Maybe we’re quick site seers. But if you like to take your time that’s cool too because you can take as much time as you like at each stop!

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It’s also so much less stressful than having to take different subways, buses, cabs! Being from Canada, I don’t know if we could handle driving with all the crazy aggressive European drivers! We normally don’t mind walking everywhere, but in a city like Paris it’s hard to walk from place to place since everything is at least an hour walk from the other. So why not sit back, relax and let Open Tour show you the city of love the way it’s meant to be seen!

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