Denim Jacket

14671183_10157618034900501_7544041543152978451_n 14601099_10157618034895501_4609200170009532444_n14691087_10157618056080501_1222733858610613620_nThe easiest way to travel is to pack as light possible. While I was travelling for a month, this outfit was completely necessary. It’s as simple as a tee shirt, shorts & some sort of jacket. With the weather being so unpredictable in September, a jacket is the perfect piece to throw over your shoulders on a chilly night or layer up with sweaters and pants on a brisk day. I wore this jacket pretty much every day, but with accessories and different hairstyles, I managed to style it different every time. This denim jacket was the heaviest item I brought along with me on my journey, and it was so worth the weight. I wore it in Iceland with the temperature that went down to 2 degrees in which I layered with sweaters and pants. The jacket was even used in Paris with temperatures in the mid-high 20’s that cooled off in the evening. If you’re going on a trip to Europe in September-October, a jacket should be on the top of your list of things to pack. What’s your must have clothing item while travelling?



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