London, England


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Lovely accents, easy accessibility, amazing tourist spots, and overall a beautiful city. London is a must see when deciding where to travel on your Europe trip. To start our trip off we took the subway straight to Oxford street for some shopping. Let us tell you, Londoners know how to shop. We were most excited to check out the Tommy Hilfiger store because Gigi Hadid had just launched her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger and the line was finally out in stores. The store was huge, the music was great, and there was such a huge selection to choose from! After viewing the collection we continued down Oxford street peeking in and out of most of the stores on that road. With a few tourist stops here and there we did happen to get some telephone booth pics. Seriously, did you even go to London if you didn’t get a picture in a red telephone booth?



The London Eye:

The next day we took the subway or tube (as Londoners call it) to the London Eye where we got some amazing footage of the city and Big Ben. We hopped on smoothly and round we went. As we approached the top, we got a full 360 degree angle of the city and it was breathtaking! If you ever get the chance to visit London and you love a good view, this tourist attraction is worth doing.



Big Ben:

We headed back towards Oxford street and managed to walk all the way to Big Ben. Like we always say, we are huge walkers and enjoy doing it. If you’re not a walker, try to take a taxi or public transit there because it is quite the walk.

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London Bridge:

We have both been to London before and never had the chance to walk over the London Bridge. You better believe we did this time! The bridge actually has a great walking path overlooking the Thames river and it is perfect to get some up and personal shots on the bridge. Walking all the way over the bridge lead us to the Tower of London. This was one of our favourite spots as we both love history! We spent some time reading all of the plaques to learn some British history.

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Everyone we know who has visited London told us about this small town call Camden that we should visit. It was only a 15 minute tube ride from where we were staying so we decided to check it out! Getting off the subway, we arrived at bustling streets full of shops and people. The main strip was massive and had loads of shops and little tourist stores. After walking all the way down the end of the street, we discovered a cute market and adventured in. We tried all sorts of different foods and saw some amazing 90’s vintage stores. This was a fun place to end up and we recommend going here if you’re in the area.


Buckingham Palace:

There are honestly so many different ways to approach what you’re choosing to see in London. We wanted to see all the main tourist spots, but there is so much more to see. Let us know what your fave part about London is!

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