Les Piaules

14611047_10157684730625501_7401750149363384656_n 14937275_10157684730715501_6263366600020380648_n 14570462_10157684730700501_6416957483394099694_n  If you’re ever visiting Paris and you want a wicked view of the City, Les Piaules hostel is a great choice. Get yourself a room on the top floor and simply enjoy the breathtaking views the hostel has to offer. From a view of the Eiffel Tower to the European style houses, Les Piaules is one of many great hostels to stay at to experience these wonderful Parisian views.  If you sit yourself on the rooftop patio at 9pm, you will see the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the distance. We enjoyed a glass of wine at night while chatting with other travellers as we watched the Eiffel Tower light up every hour. Talk about an unforgettable experience.

14925731_10157684730650501_8201760700322749073_n The hostel is on a main street in Paris with plenty of restaurants within walking distance. If you’re not up for a late night walk, the hostel has a bar that is open quite late. So grab a drink and some snacks and make some friends during your stay at Les Piaules.14907047_10157684730780501_5621289733422136856_n14595651_10157684730795501_4035749964235949430_nAfter our wonderful sleep, the next morning we decided to make ourselves cappuccinos and enjoy the fresh air out on the rooftop patio. We couldn’t get enough of the Parisian air during our stay. We lucked out with the beautiful weather we had while being there in September. Such a great time of year to visit Paris!

Let us know if you’re travelling to Paris and want to stay at Les Piaules. Check out their website here to book a room. Also be sure to visit their gallery and view the beautiful photos of the hotel and the views.


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