Sweater Weather

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Fall is the season of layers and thigh high boots. Well, for us anyways. We are currently loving the long sweater weather and the thigh high trends. With our recent discovery of Lulu’s, we have purchased a pair of amazing thigh high boots and have several other options remaining in our cart for future purchases! These boots are stunning and the material makes them so comfortable. Now the only thing to find is an oversized sweater to go with the boots.

The best thing to do is to find some inspiration on social media, and find what style you like best. Sure, it’s easy to follow a celebrity and copy their exact style to look like them, but what’s the point? We’re all unique and have different personalities that we should embrace and share with the world. So what to do next you may ask? Use inspiration as a starter. Say you find someone on social media wearing an outfit you just love. Is it the outfit? Or is it the style. In our case, it was the style. A blogger wearing a long sweater with thigh highs. Sure it looked lovely on the girl and totally fit her own style, but not so much for us. We ended up searching the website that this social media guru got her outfit from and we ended up finding completely different outfits that were simply inspired by one picture.

What are we getting to? Simply use social media as an inspiration to help you choose your own style of clothes. You’d be surprised at how one style photo can turn into 100 different style options for you to try out! Who inspires you and what are your current fave fall trends?



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