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Live Irish music, dark beer, and adventurous walks sums up our Ireland visit. We would adventure all day through the beautiful city of Dublin, and check out all of the pubs and clubs at night. Never a dull moment in Ireland because there is always something to do at any time of day. One of the most memorable things was going to the pubs and listening to the live Irish music they had at each bar. The atmosphere’s in these places were unbelievable. People would just get up and dance in the middle of the pub and everyone would be belching out the lyrics to the sing along songs being performed. It was like one of the scenes in a movie where they are in an Irish pub and everyone gets on the tables and starts dancing. This reminded us of that scene in Titanic where Jack and Rose get drunk and do some Irish dancing.

During our time in Ireland, we got to do a tour of the Guinness Storehouse. The tour was great to walk through and read about every detail on how the beer is actually made. By the end of the tour, we were showed upstairs to the top level that overlooked the city of Dublin. This is where we enjoyed a pint of Guinness. The dark ale is not a favourite but I would give it a try again if I ever went back to Ireland.

During our time spent in Ireland we stayed at a hostel and a hotel to get the full Irish experience. The people working at both of these places were friendly, nice and helpful. If we got the chance to go back to Ireland, one of the main reasons would be for the people. In Ireland we felt so safe and secure while we were out and about. You don’t always get that sense of safety when you’re in another Country because of the different surroundings.

There was this one street that had endless amounts of stores and little shops on it. We ended up on that street on our last day in Ireland. I think it’s safe to say the both of us could have shopped all week, but we held it together until the last day there. The shopping was unbelievable in Ireland. Rach and I were so overwhelmed with joy after discovering this street full of stores that we recognized from back home. This one shop called, ‘Pull & Bear’ was amazing. I kept revisiting the store because I loved it so much. Of coarse I only bought one or two things because there were 2 more countries to visit and lug our baggage through. But as soon as we got to the next Country we searched to see if there were any Pull & Bear stores there. Guess what? There were, and it was even more expensive in England with the pound currency which is worth almost double the Canadian dollar. So that was interesting. At least when it was time to head to Paris it was back to Euro’s. In Paris, the both of us ventured out of town for an hour to find this huge mall that had a Pull & Bear in it. That was our last Country on the trip and you better bet I stocked up on all of the clothes I could afford. So cheers to Ireland for helping me find a really cute shop, that doesn’t even ship to Canada. Here’s to you Pull & Bear, we shall meet again.

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