Swiss Cottage

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During our time in London, we stayed at the Swiss Palmer hostel located in Swiss Cottage. This luxury boutique hostel is located close to Camden and Hampstead. This was a lovely area to stay in and was conveniently within a short walking distance to the tube. A quick 2 minute walk to the tube will lead you to all of London’s hot spots in minutes. It was such a unique experience staying here at this wonderful historic building. Filled with friendly staff and travellers, there’s always someone to talk to or help you find information.


On the main floor there is a spacious lounge area with plenty of couches to hangout and meet other travellers. There’s also coffee and tea located in this room while you connect to the wifi and video chat your family & friends. This area was so comfy and made the both of us feel right at home. Palmers Lodge also has computers in the lounge area which was perfect for us to catch up on some blog posts!

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The rooms were so cozy and the wooden floors made us feel like we were in a cottage. The room was so spacious for a hostel it was great. We stayed in a private room which allowed us to unpack all of our belongings and hang them in the closet and sort through our items. It was nice to be able to do this after travelling for a while.

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In the basement there is the breakfast/bar area. The breakfast was buffet style and had plenty of delicious foods sitting out in the mornings. In this area there is a huge article from when the Titanic sunk hanging up on the wall. The both of us read it and thought it was so interesting! Behind the bar was another lounge/hangout room with more couches and TV’s making the hostel feel like a home away from home. If you’re travelling through London and need a place to stay, we recommend checking into Palmers Lodge.



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