Star Bombers

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Zoe Karssen Star Bomber: Gary Waters

Bomber jackets have made it to yet another season in the fashion world. Honestly though, who couldn’t get enough of these jackets? With the endless variety of styles, I believe majority of you should try to find a bomber that fits your own personal style. I find myself styling many different types of bombers to create different options in my closet. This star bomber for example is more of a ‘dress up’ in the evening type of style. With the right accessories and styling, I could wear this jacket for many different events.

By throwing on a v neck knit sweater underneath makes this jacket appropriate to wear during the day. I always say, versatility is key when creating an efficient wardrobe. You want to pick pieces that you can wear more than once, and for different occasions. Even though this outfit is a casual look for the day, doesn’t mean I can’t dress it up for the evening. With a simple boot, top & accessory change, this bomber has gone from running errands all day to a night out in town.


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