What inspires you?

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What inspires you?

 Fashion has become a popular way for people to express themselves, a way for people to show who they really are. The great thing about fashion is you are in charge of how you want to look and what you want to represent yourself as. This look can either be something you choose on your own or something specific that inspires you. Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere; people, places, things! Instagram is personally my go to for style inspiration. I follow the same people and everyday am easily inspired by their outfits. I always look forward to what they will be posting! The reason I follow certain blogs & celebrities is because they are consistent. Consistency is important because styles are always changing. The 1-2 posts per day from these accounts keep me updated with the latest trends. Like I said before, I love fashion because it can be seen in so many different ways. A new trend that I currently love is YouTube videos. Vloggers are using video’s to show off their stylish OOTD’s. This is a refreshing way to take in those daily outfit posts instead of always scrolling through Instagram. These videos are creative, bold, and allow you to connect with the people who inspire you the most.

Check out some of these channels that I currently follow for outfit inspiration.

Tess Christine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z415x8sR_po

Alex Centomo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCymoKQKWsU

Jay Alvarrez : This 20 something year-old traveller inspires me every day because of his adventurous worldly travels. I’ve actually taken some of his airport outfits and made my own ‘female’ versions of them. https://www.youtube.com/user/jayalvarrez/videos

Chiara Ferragni: Is one of many fashion blogger who use youtube to create some powerful messages in the fashion industry. I also adore her hustle and hard work. She always uses the hashtag #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops and this is so accurate because she is literally always in a new Country every day. I admire that she incorporates travel with fashion because those are my two fave things. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBlondeSalad/videos

When looking at inspiration and dreams, some people focus on one path or one thing. I personally could not identify with fashion or travel, because for me they are one of the same. I love to see new things but look stylish and trendy while doing so! A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from airport outfits. For some reason I love seeing airport posts on all the social media. It not only helps me pick my wardrobe, but it lets me know whats comfy and trendy to wear when I am heading off on a new adventure! What inspires your everyday outfits?


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