Adventure to Manhattan

We have this tradition that every summer we take a road trip to New York City. Sometimes the trip is for a day or sometimes a few, but we always try and squeeze it in one way or another! We have travelled to New York many different ways: car, bus, plane. This time we decided to try taking the train, it was a refreshing experience! Although it was long, it was so much easier than trying to drive and fight with all the taxis and find a parking space.

New York is definitely a great place to explore in the summer. If you love being outdoors, you can walk as many blocks as you like. Or if you want to skip some of that summer heat, you can always taxi or take the subway. We love to walk so we always try and walk from place to place to see as much as we can. You never know what your going to stumble upon in Manhattan.

Here are some photos of our quick trip to the city (plenty more to come). We cannot wait to be back soon.


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