After a long and beautiful drive through the countryside of Iceland, we came closer to a few small buildings on the green misty hillside. We were slightly jet lagged from our long journey so we hoped this was our final destination. We excitedly noticed the red flags labelled Glymur, waving in… View Post

 One of my favourite cities to road trip to is of course New York City, aka the Big Apple! I don’t mind the long drive, its driving right into Manhattan that scares me! I get anxious when all I see are yellow cabs cutting me… View Post

@ModernGlobetrotters From the adventurous strolls through the town of Varadero, to the views from underwater snorkelling in the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea, mother nature has proved to be a beautiful sight. While exploring mother nature in Cuba, our comfy outfits played an essential part of our… View Post

The word palm tree is pretty much equal to the word paradise. Whenever I see palm trees, I get a whole bunch of different feelings: excitement, adventure and relaxation all at the same time. The great thing about Cuba is palm trees are EVERYWHERE. Even… View Post

What I love about fashion is how colourful and artistic it can be. There are no patterns, no laws or rules you have to follow. As read before in my previous posts, you know that I love wall art. So as soon as I spot… View Post