After a long and beautiful drive through the countryside of Iceland, we came closer to a few small buildings on the green misty hillside. We were slightly jet lagged from our long journey so we hoped this was our final destination. We excitedly noticed the red flags labelled Glymur, waving in… View Post

How does the world perceive Canadian fashion? Most people probably think Canadian style is simply toques and snow boots with some maple syrup to go? Okay, a little of that is true, but Canadian fashion is so much more than that! A good word for… View Post

Photos by: Daniel Kim of Walking Canucks Fashion Week is approaching and that means extra large coffee’s, street style photo shoots and tons of blogging! What more could a blogger ask for? When it comes to fashion week, I am most excited to see the new styles… View Post

Photos by: Daniel Kim of Walking Canucks Nothing is better than warming up the winter in style with this deep purple faux fur jacket. There are endless style options of faux fur jackets and vests in the fashion world, making them an essential piece for… View Post