The Library Hotel Location: 299 Madison Ave 20% off discount code: STREETSTYLEVIBE It is never easy trying to decide where to stay in a big city, especially one with so many choices! New York City is the city of all cities, and it can definitely… View Post

Eva One Piece – Snake This sophisticated-sexy one piece by Sauipe is my favourite summer swim piece. Everything about it is beautiful, including the small details; the plunging neckline and the Marrakesh snakeskin print are to die for! This silky soft material makes for a… View Post

Brazened Honey is a fresh face mask that soften’s your face, smells great, it’s non-greasy, it soothes & moisturizes your skin. This product from Lush is such a great exfoliating mask leaving the face clean and tight after use. When I used it, it really… View Post