The easiest way to travel is to pack as light possible. While I was travelling for a month, this outfit was completely necessary. It’s as simple as a tee shirt, shorts & some sort of jacket. With the weather being so unpredictable in September, a jacket… View Post

LANDED  From the drive up to the beautiful countryside of Glymur to the downtown area of Reykjavik and all of the tourist stops in between, we found ourselves adventuring all around Iceland. We had landed at the airport very early in the morning, so it… View Post

Wearing: Birdwell Jackets Mosquito bites, fish and chips, and family. Nothing sums up the end of the summer like a trip Up North to visit my family in Sudbury. A dreadful, but well worth six hour drive North involves a long lasting playlist and a… View Post

 One of my favourite cities to road trip to is of course New York City, aka the Big Apple! I don’t mind the long drive, its driving right into Manhattan that scares me! I get anxious when all I see are yellow cabs cutting me… View Post

Summer has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you guys. Festivals, vacations & travelling. From now until September it’s all about working hard and saving as much as I can. Stay tuned for some hints as to where I… View Post