After a long and beautiful drive through the countryside of Iceland, we came closer to a few small buildings on the green misty hillside. We were slightly jet lagged from our long journey so we hoped this was our final destination. We excitedly noticed the red flags labelled Glymur, waving in… View Post

Nobody likes you when you’re 23, according to Blink 182 😉 Here are some simple & some extravagant birthday gifts that are on my wish list this year. A girl can dream, right? These thumbnail pics basically describe my wardrobe style at the moment: simple… View Post

Photos by: Rachel Sawicki When I think of the word skull in fashion, I think of grunge, edginess and and it honestly feels pretty ‘bad ass’ to rock a skull scarf. I do like to change my style quite often, but this outfit is pretty… View Post

Photos by: Rachel Sawicki This month, my friends and I are booking a trip down South to escape the dreadful Canadian winter. Comfy & casual; I have been running around in these Jamie skinny jeans from Topshop, this bomber that was on sale at forever… View Post